The Bee Pollen Ban in Canada

Right now you are wondering what this title is all about, but really it says it all. Bee pollen was banned in Canada, and not just that but many beneficial supplements were banned along with it.

Why are these natural supplements banned along with pollen?

Canada has a national healthcare system which has opted to ban natural supplements by labeling them as “DRUGS”.

Why all the fuss?

How Canada Made Their Choice

Health Canada had their say when it came to natural supplements, and oddly the ones they chose are the most critical for serious problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anxiety, and the strengthening of the immune system.

These supplements are considered safe, despite the controversy over the benefits of using bee pollen. Canada has high and costly earmarks on these natural health products, making it nearly impossible for anyone to manufacture them at a reasonable price.

Naturally, when the manufacturer’s cost is high, the consumer pays an even higher price.

The reason that these supplements were labeled as drugs was so that they could be carried in Canada under the label of prescription drugs even though they were still named natural healthcare products.

Many of these were being imported from Canada, and as a result of this issue more than 20,000 items were banned.

Originally, the items weren’t all that costly but now they are because Canada increased the cost of not only the manufacturing of these supplements but the testing as well.

This position was that of Health Canada, the system which mandates how the healthcare is run in Canada.

It is believed that this was done in order to get Canadians used to the idea of Codex Alimentarius, which will control fair trade practices regarding food and drugs like medications and supplements like pollen.

Canada should take note that these supplements in their raw form are at the purest that they could get, unless someone contaminated them.

The Codex Alimentarius

The basis of the Codex Alimentarius was to put standards onto international food trade and supplementation, to guard the Canadians from fraud and unfair practices regarding food and food trade.

The irony of this is that none of these supplements has ever been considered to be dangerous or have ill side effects on those who use them.

There is plenty of research to support the use and benefits of all of these supplements, especially bee pollen. Canada unfortunately would rather use toxic drugs than begin with the natural.

Traditionally speaking, there has been so much impact on the stock market from pharmaceutical companies, that many government officials and others have made substantial sums of money from drugs rather than investing in supplements like zinc, cinnamon, resveratrol, GABA, B12, and pollen.

Canada is truly cannibalizing themselves with this approach, and their population will die off much faster if that is what they want with the use of toxic drugs?

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